New Hope recognises sustainability is fundamental to maintaining our social licence to operate and contributes to the long-term value of our business.

We acknowledge the demands from our stakeholders for transparency and disclosure about sustainability issues. We are committed to reporting on sustainability-related issues and will be guided by globally recognised sustainability frameworks, standards, initiatives, and disclosures.

As a responsible operator, we continue to deliver value for the communities in which we operate while actively seeking to manage any potential social or environmental impacts from our operations. We have built sustainability into our operating rhythm, with Board level oversight of performance in the areas of sustainability, climate change and social performance, and management accountability at each site for delivery of sustainability related initiatives.

We commit to openness and transparency on our performance in discharging our responsibilities as a responsible operator.

Sustainability Reports

Our Sustainability Reports address New Hope’s performance against material sustainability issues for each annual reporting period, covering a range of environmental, social and governance metrics.

Climate and Energy Transition

Our Climate and Global Energy Transition Statement provides information about our approach to climate change and the global energy transition. The statement includes information on the nature of our GHG emissions, how we will operate our business, the future of our assets and how we will consider future opportunities.

Sustainability Metrics Data Tables

Performance data on environmental, social and governance metrics for the current and prior reporting periods.